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7 façons rapides de réparer une porte de garage bruyante

7 Quick Ways to Fix Noisy Garage Door

A garage is the most essential part of a home, it’s where you park the cars, complete craft projects or let the kids practice their science experiments. But, the worst part of having a garage is when it starts squeaking or rattling. A noisy garage door becomes annoying for the neighbors and even for you, if you’re leaving early or coming home late and have to open the noisy door for your cars.Let’s see a few methods which will solve our problem of noisy garage doors.1. Lubricate Squeaky Door


The cheapest and the quickest fix for a noisy door and the first step towards maintaining your garage door must be, lubrication. Listen to the noise the door is making, if it’s squeaking or squealing chances are it’s lacking lubrication.Spray or apply the lubricant all over the metal parts of the door and don’t forget to spray in the tiniest corners of the door. You must repeat lubrication after every 6 months to maintain a less noisy garage door.2. Tighten Loose Parts

If the door is making a rattling or grinding noise, the problem is loose nuts, bolts, screws, rollers or other parts. With the help of a wrench, you can tighten all the loose components of the door and this will fix the problem and you will have a completely noiseless garage door.3. Replace The Rollers

If the above two steps didn’t solve the problem of a quieter garage door, then it’s time for replacements. Rollers are the most common problem of a faulty garage door. Majority of garage doors are equipped with metal rollers, these can wear out and rust easily and even make a lot of noise.If your garage has metal rollers, then replace it with nylon rollers. Nylon rollers are expensive, but are a quieter option compared to the steel ones and won’t rust or need regular lubrication as well.4. Replace The Hinges

Hinges are a part of your garage door and they can wear out because of repeated opening and shutting or if they aren’t lubricated regularly.


Check if some screws are missing from the door hinges or if they’re broken or rusted as these are common issues which cause a noisy garage door, that’s why you must replace the defective hinges with new ones as soon as possible.5. Install A New Garage Door Opener

Just like any other component of a garage, its opener also gets worn out with use. In most cases, the garage door opener can be the only cause of all the noise.You can either get a new and a quieter door opener or repair the old one. If you want to install a new garage door, then you must give a look at some of the best automatic garage door openers here at Garage Automatics.6. Hire A Professional

Just like you can minimize a noisy garage door by keeping it lubricated you can also do regular maintenance checks for your garage doors regardless if it making noise.You should hire a professionally trained garage door technician who can inspect your garage, its door and opener thoroughly.Professional door technicians will replace the garage springs and doors with ease, conduct an extensive check on your garage to identify the problem and then fix them.7. Use A Rubber Seal


If you have a metal strip on your garage door, then it’s bound to make too much noise whenever you close the door. If your garage door is equipped with a metal strip, replace it with a rubber one. As rubbers make almost no noise when they hit the ground, are durable and resistant to damage caused by weather and won’t rust when in contact with metal.In conclusion, noisy garages are quite frustrating and we hope that with the above quick and easy fixes you can make your garage doors quieter.

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